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• Integrate IoT technologies

• Collect asset & process data

• Implement AR technology


• Implement AI & advanced analytics

• Turn data into useful insights

• Automate business processes


• Display digital content on AR interfaces

• Monitor & track dynamic data

• Improve the results via dashboards

What can you do with AR Produkt?

Work Safety Process in FMCG sector

Warehouse Management

Remote Support in Aftersales

Production Setup in FMCG sector

Dynamic Data Visualization in Steel Production

Facility Management in Energy Sector

Why AR Produkt?

Industrial Application Areas

• Assembly
• Maintenance
• Quality control
• Logistics
• Employee training
• Aftersales
• Remote support


✔ Minimizing downtime
✔ Provide managers to able to take the right decisions
✔ Reducing the need for expert staff
✔ Improving existing workflows and cost savings
✔ Less need for cognitive power for workers
✔ Decision making based on computers
✔ Reducing employee training costs
✔ Improving the quality of remote support

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